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Nadia Chandra aka “MCNadzzz” was born and raised in Toronto with Guyanese roots. Growing up, music was always a big part of her life. Her household consisted of every genre of music you could possibly think of. We’re talking everything from Country, Reggae, Classical, Rock, Chutney, Hindi, Folk, Calypso, Soca, Funk, etc.

From an early age, Nadia’s parents and older siblings showered her with love in the form of music. As the youngest of three children, she was grabbing cassettes, recording music off the radio and breaking cassettes open to splice and make mixtapes for school, because at the time, who didn’t want to be the coolest kid with the latest hits? Nadia has always been sure to stay on top of the latest hits released. Her passion for music has always been there and has grown just as much as she has.

Nadia began her emcee/public speaking days while in High School as well as her need to give back. She began peer to peer tutoring and represented her High School on the Toronto District School Board Committee. Making a meaningful difference has always been her goal in life. “Not everything we do in life deserves a reward” she says.

As Nadia got older, the need to be on radio and in the public light became stronger as did her passion for music as well as being a host/emcee.

Before graduating from High School, Nadia was the President of Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute’s student council body, and used her platform to volunteer in helping remedial students get through the struggles of everyday life while growing past their personal obstacles and issues. Nadia became a mentor to youth and was profiled in the Toronto Star as part of a youth peer to peer strategy aimed at connecting low income students with fellow student’s to assist with their academic development, along with overcoming social injustices and family struggles. Through the program, Nadia provided tools and resources required for struggling students to obtain a better and meaningful education and life.

Growing up in a low income household and then going to school in ‘da hood’, I always knew I had to work that much more harder to get to my goal of being an on air personality be it on radio or television. I wanted to help others obtain that same work ethic in getting to their dreams. Nothing is ever given unless earned. At one point, I was holding down three jobs, day school, and one night school course and still keeping up with my studies and student council duties. If that wasn’t hustling I don’t know what is!” Upon entering York University to complete her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business, Nadia realized she needed a change and so that’s what she did. During her second year of University, Nadia changed her B.A. Major to Health Studies and did a joint program with Seneca College, at the York University campus in Radio Broadcasting where she not only graduated with Honors, but was also the class Valedictorian. Her time spent between York and Seneca became about studying, vocal and on air training and development, audio editing and maintaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).

Graduating in Radio Broadcasting was one of my biggest accomplishments, because I’ve always wanted to do radio, be a host, an emcee, and stay within the company of great music and artists! I’m so very proud of every struggle I’ve had to endure based on my choices, especially when it comes to being a minority and a woman in media. Not all choices are great or good, but not all choices are bad either. The world we live in is not a ‘kumbaya’ society, and as such, I want to be on radio to use my platform and voice to spread love and help others achieve.

After graduating, life took a turn that forced Nadia to walk away from the media world she loved so much. 8 years went by before an opportunity arose to work as a Social Media Specialist on a Friday morning soca and reggae show with a local Toronto DJ on VIBE 10.55 FM (formerly known as CHRY 105.5FM). Nadia did what any logical person would do; she applied on a whim and what a whim it was! The host had no idea who she was or what her experience or background was. Nadia saw the post on the Toronto DJs Facebook profile and applied. In April 2014, she began her first day on the show as a Social Media Specialist, handling all social media posts, engaging with listeners online and supporting the show with guest appearances, interviews, giveaways, etc. as she started growing into a Radio Personality. Her role evolved into speaking on air following the show’s news segment; providing listeners the weekend weather updates which allowed her some on air time to chat with the host. After 3.5 years on the show, Nadia and the show parted ways in October 2017 as she moved on to further develop her Radio Personality on VIBE105. This move was a great one, as Nadia has taken on a leadership role for the VIBE Street Team, supporting the station with Live to Air gigs both as a Street Team Lead, Personality and On-Air Host.

Nadia also hosts many privates events in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Events include wedding receptions, corporate events, club events and boat cruises, as well as Music Festivals around the city. In 2018, during the 150th Canada Day Long Weekend celebration, Nadia received the opportunity to co-host the 1st ever YOWronto Music Festival featuring winner of NBC’s The Voice 2014 TV Show Tessanne Chin, Alison Hinds, Baby Cham, Lt. Stitchie and Romain Virgo just to name a few. This opportunity involved hosting a crowd of approximately 20,000 people over the course of 2 days.

Nadia has the energy, spirit and drive to host any event. With her growing experience as a Radio Personality, Nadia is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion to entertain and her drive to meet new and exciting people at events and in the music scene is what sets her apart from the rest.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Emcee and Radio Personality, #MCNadzzz.  Join the journey by subscribing or contact her directly via email and social media.