A Wedding Toast for a Public Speaking Class

Today I read the most amazing thing ever written by a student. This young man happens to be the son of a very good friend and colleague of mine and when she showed me this toast, I was like GOD DAMN that analogy makes total sense!! I also said, “why didn’t I think of this!!!”

With that said, I had to share with you his Wedding Toast presented for his Public Speaking class.

“Today in Public Speaking, I presented a wedding toast. I needed a nice analogy to go off of and I figured it out. Korean BBQ (KBBQ)! Easy!

Relationships are like going to KBBQ. The Beef is the dating part of a relationship. You don’t just order one thing of beef, no…… you order like 15 to 20 things of beef, which is the same as dates. You don’t go on one date, you go on many. Beef cooks quickly and is easy to do, same as dates.

Then comes the Ribs. Ribs are the wonder factor of being in a relationship. It’s tender and really sets that fire…the fiery love you have for one another.

Then comes the rice. Rice is the sweet messages that you send to one another. In KBBQ you get more than one bowl of rice, but the first bowl of rice is not better than the sixth bowl and vice versa. They each play the heart strings inside with each piece of grain.

Then finely comes the chicken. It’s the marriage. It takes longer to cook because you have to get a new grill and you don’t want pink chicken. That’s just like marriage. You’re in it until the end. It’s not a one day thing or even a one year thing, it takes time. When you get married, it’s like eating that piece of chicken, after taking forever to cook. The delicious flavour stays in your mouth for some time, and it’s even better than you’ve expected.

The final part of the KBBQ marriage toast was you share KBBQ with someone special. You can’t go to KBBQ alone. It’s the need to be with someone that has meaning in your life. KBBQ is something special, just like finding that special someone. It’s those moments that you’ll remember forever. Those meaty moments that will last forever.”

Written By: ImALittleOddish – Ben Girgis


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