Chew on This…….

It’s hard to know what’s right or wrong anymore. Especially when you are so wrapped up in the situation how do you see your way through or out of it for that matter? As they say, where there’s a will there’s always a way. What if your will is not strong enough to be mean or walk away…what do you do with that? Do you continue to walk and risk loosing yourself completely? Is it really worth it to put faith in a person you believe to your heart won’t change? You know you love them with every ounce of your being…but they will always be the way they are with no regard to you…so darling why are you sticking around? Love, emotion, potential for a future. Do you feel you’ve invested too much time or not enough? Emotions – there’s so much riding on emotions. So much feeling behind words and tears. Do I go left, do I make a right? Do I stay where I am believing this other person will respect me, love me the way I should be treated or do I continue to walk around blindly? All valid questions each with their own varying answer for each person. There’s something I read I want to share with you…I don’t know exactly who wrote it but whoever it was….they knew wassup! “In frustration it’s easy to jump to false conclusions that life is out to get you. Wrong assumptions will invariably lead you to wrong conclusions. And, it is ridiculous to think that our limited experiences are reflective of life in general. When the struggles begin, it’s time for a reality check.” Wise words don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Chew on This…….”

  1. Well said! The last quote is a heavy one! However the last quote can also tell us that the shit your deep in is for you to tough it out and stick it in. It works both ways. You can also look at that same quote and look to understand the present transitioning to past and knowing what to expect for the future. The puzzle wasn’t meant to fit everyone, There is indeed one Cinderella for that particular dude carrying the one shoe meant for her.
    If you are the type to be bold and willing to not let no one take advantage of you. What’s the difference with the one you love. Sure theres lieniency but the truth of the matter is, no one deserves to be treated less then what is at the LEAST expected, NOBODY. When someone can at the least acknowledge your effort and time into a relationship common sense says they will do the same back! If that person cannot give back what you have put into it, then logically that person has to be an adult and say they cannot do the same back. It then makes life good for you so u can move on and makes life good for that person pursuing. Where things get distorted is when someone dislikes the relationship their in but sticks around for the reasons that they still like what their getting out of it. The question you ask yourself is it still worth it? If you say No, then dahlin move on!
    If you say yes then your still going to continue the crazy ferris wheel.
    In the end, you’ve learned enough from this experience. It’s your choice when u want to move on to a new experience, hopefully an experience that gives you what you dreamed for

  2. nice blog Nadjah lol. It is something one has to thoroughly think about and weigh all options. Only you can figure it out. I think Anonymous needs to look at his or her own shit before giving advice, actually I think Anonymous needs to get a life and stay the hell out of yours – jealousy, mistrust and lack of respect for oneself makes people do crazy things.

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