Goodbye 2017 you crazy Mc-Craze-ster!

Everyone will be posting “new year, new me” memes or joining the gym (actually… that might be me); you might even see plenty “life” quotes plastered across social media; and the list of New Year rhetoric goes on. Some of you had a hard as hell 2017 while others had a quiet year and for a few of you, 2017 was an F-ing amazing year. Whatever kind of 2017 you had, thank the good Lord you’re able to wake up to a bran-new day!

2017 has been a trip for me both personally as Nadia and professionally as MCNadzzz.

I moved 5 times. 5 TIMES (don’t ask!) and I have some kick ass friends to thank for that. There’s nothing like hitting rock bottom and looking up to see who’s really got your back. In my ugliest moments they saved me. Thank You Guys/Gals.

Hospital sleepovers are no joke and neither is taking care of yourself. I allowed myself to get so busy that I failed to pay attention to my body and that landed me in the hospital. I smile now, but in all seriousness…..BALANCE is the key for 2018. No one said you can’t hustle and grind, but you have to do it correctly and in a way that works for your body.

Panic Attacks are scary. I said I wasn’t going to share this with the public, but realized I have nothing to be ashamed of and maybe I can help someone else in the process. Panic attacks are a serious thing. Who knew I suffered from it? Certainly NOT ME! This was brought on by few life changing events as well as a fear of small spaces (i.e. claustrophobia). What an insane feeling!!! No shame in it though. Dealing post panic attack is something you teach and train yourself to manage. In some small way it can be “mind over matter”, however, I have been taught that for a lot of people it’s so bad that prescription drugs may have to be given. No shame in it, but I personally can’t deal with anything bringing my spirit down, I just refuse to accept the symptoms like that. These attacks triggered a lot of other feelings and things I’ve been dealing with personally, but suppressed for a long while. Therapy was a blessing. I plan to tell you a bit more about this and my experiences with group therapy in the future. This has been a very personal experience, but I hope sharing some of my story helps someone else that might be reading it. It’s amazing to see how many people suffer in silence. How many people of different age ranges and cultural backgrounds go through what I have experienced – some even worse than me.


The Industry: man oh man did I learn a lot about the Toronto “Caribbean industry” this year.

#1. Like my full time job, rule of thumb is “get everything in writing!” Otherwise people will do what they have to do to ensure you get screwed.

#2. Don’t EVER get comfortable and know when to walk away; admit when you’re wrong but NEVER EVER allow anyone to bully you into their views of you. People will either want to work together and grow or not – simple. Either way, keep it moving.

#3. Communication is key; however, the level of respect you give to me is the same way I shall deliver it to you. Don’t expect what you don’t hand out, at least not from me.

#4. Never under estimate anyones movements or level of work because it’s not up to your standards. Someone’s hard work (aka movements) may appear to be small, but it’s the work ethic that went behind it that will matter regardless of the opinions of others.

#5. Lastly, genuineness…I came in this industry with a love for radio and all things music. As I leave 2017 behind I will say this….I am not here to steal anyones share of the pie – never have – even though I was accused of it this year from someone I really did admire and looked up too. Now I wondered why I even looked at that person in such high regard when they are just that, a person – no better and no worse than me. I genuinely love what I do. I try to stay focused and I’m learning by observing since everyone is so afraid to teach others and reach back to help someone. There’s a few more things I could say here, but I realized giving weight to a situation that doesn’t deserve the petty nature in which it was created provides no balance to my Chi. People have their long standing trust issues in this Toronto scene; however, I’m not going to let their mindsets, experiences, judgemental attitude, pettiness and years of experience intimidate or bother my love for radio and music. Just remember, give someone a chance to speak before you go throwing accusations at them. Situations may appear a certain way, but not everything is black and white. You can’t know a person’s intentions unless you have real and meaningful conversations with each other. In order to speak you should first listen. Every story has 3 sides: yours, mine and the truth.

And with that said….

Thank You to every DJ, Promoter, Artist, Soundman, Security Detail, Charity Representative, Event Organizer, Wedding Planner, Radio Station/Personality and Volunteer person I met this year on my journey as #MCNadzzz! The experiences I gained were extremely valuable. I’m still learning and I may continue to make mistakes along the way, but I will continue to “hustle” no matter what. I will not be classed as an “outsider” and I will continue to build relationships with other media people, artists and DJs just as everyone else has in this industry, that’s what being in media is all about. Networking doesn’t have to be “stepping on anyones toes”. Last I checked the definition of networking still refers to the way in which people, “interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career” – thanks Google! Some of you may want to send yourself a reminder memo because last I checked; we network everyday of our lives in every way possible, especially if you’re working within any media platform. Just saying.

Thank You VIBE 105.5 FM for giving me a platform to be ‘MCNadzzz‘. There’s so much more to come. I realized for 2018 the grind is going to change a bit. It’s scary, but so very worth it. I’M READY!

Happy New Year to you and your Family. Here’s wishing you and yours all the best for 2018!


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