Mental Health, Suicide and Kate Spade

With the passing of Kate Spade announced today (June 5, 2018) I realized (even more so today) how important is it to talk with someone, anyone, about what you’re or what they are going through in life. Let’s talk #MentalHealth.

Kate Spade was a fashionista, a trend setter, a woman of class and business charisma. She had it all (or so it appeared)… a family, a career, money, fame and yet…… mental illness claimed her life – enough so that she took it herself.

It makes me sad yet again to know that someone felt that committing suicide was the only option they had. Sadly, there’s a lot of people leaving the earth this way, but not everyone gets reported about in the news because of shame and anger by family members left behind or the mere fact that they were alone and no one knew them (I’m sure the list of reasons go on). When I recorded/published my podcast a few week backs called “I Finally Wanna Be Alive” – my inspiration (for lack of a better word in this context) arose from a few things…

  • A Song by Logic entitled “1-800-273-8255” featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid – an important telephone number. This is the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. One of the most pivotal songs I’ve heard in the music industry in a long time. Listening to the lyrics and knowing that Logic has also suffered from mental illness (watch the Rapture series on Netflix now!!) made me want to talk about some of the anxiety/panic issues I have been dealing with. But at first, I felt ashame. I didn’t want to “expose” myself like this. I have been so good at showing myself as being “put together” and “on the ball”. I mean compared to others it seems so minimal what I was going through – WRONG! This is how a lot of dark mental thoughts start by comparing yourself to others. Stop it. I did. You have to talk to someone and I chose to do that when it happened. Then I chose to share it with all of you publically.

  • My Experience – I wanted to share with others my journey into anxiety and panic and how someone like me who (like many) can appear to be a functioning “normal” human, can suffer from crippling mental fear that takes some time to treat and hopefully one day become better to manage. See what I wrote there “normal” – that feeling of not feeling “normal” is what prevents people from talking. Stop it. You are normal. Everyone is different in their own way. Society doesn’t and should never dictate who you are. No ones opinions of you should hold any weight in your life.


  • I lost a friend to suicide on NYE 2017 and I found out so many other people in my life have also lost friends and family to the same. So…how come I didn’t know this? Simple, NO ONE SPOKE ABOUT IT. Stop it. We have to speak about this stuff – it’s hard I know. It’s also very important to share experiences because you never know, one conversation might change a persons life with/without your knowledge.

And just like that I created a podcast entitled: “I Finally Wanna Be Alive”

Take a listen. Enjoy it. Get shocked. Contact me and let’s talk. #MentalHealth is important to self growth. Let’s help save each other!