Stupid.Schupid.dumb..lack of better judgement..STUPID!!!!

OMG…with so many things going on it amazes me how stupid we all can be. Take me for example, I never learn. I try to be nice to everyone, get along with people, yet some of these same people are busy back stabbing, chatting and gwaning like their on some next level behind my back. Easy there buddy….you aint all that. And me, I never learn! You try to find the good in people and yet you end up getting burnt in the end. Whether you try to forgive, you sure as hell have a hard time trying to forget the person’s indiscretions; things are never the same. You vent, you sigh you take deep breathes….but you know what you’re dealing with so I ask…why do I, we or you bother? As human begins why do we bother… really? I will tell you what I think. I think it’s because we are humans led by a puppet called emotions. It takes over, holds us, controls us and allows us to make excuses for why we do, put up and/or accept the things, treatment or language of other people we call friends, family, co-workers, significant others, etc. Sometimes I know it can be circumstance as well especially if it’s a work setting so there are variables I am not completely ignoring that. However, it amazes me how for some people cutting a person off cold turkey just so you’re not all up in their drama is soooooooo easy and for others its sooooooooo hard. Why do we feel we have to be the “nice guy/gurl” to everyone? I mean…these people stopped being nice to us when they woke up and their thought process began on “how can I be a total bitch today….or…how can I do ME?” I guess it’s in some peoples DNA to be who they are – MEAN – aka ‘straight up’, as they like to call it. They say they ‘speak the truth’ that’s why people don’t like them. Hey… I’m all for it I just know how to do it tastefully. You’re either born with class or you’re not. I aint perfect! I have my moments, but for the most part, you try to be tasteful in how you tell someone the truth. And for those asking for an honest opinion you get what you asked for just not the way you expected it. So try to becareful with the can of worms you decide open 😉
We can’t change the world or the way people think, act, and behave. I hate this excuse that people are a product of their environment. I think that’s a load of crap!! I think your will is what you make it and if you can’t get your head around becoming a better person for yourself than you got the problem not the rest of us.
Now for those of us thinking these people will change… like I said in a previous blog, people will and can change only on their time; when they want; when they feel it’s best; when they think there is someone in their life that makes them feel like they want to do and be better; NOT ON YOUR TIME! So why do we torture ourselves and go through their never ending drama and douche-ness with them? Huh? Tell me LORD… tell me JESUS!!!!!?? Especially when it comes to friends??? I mean come on, why do we put ourselves through this stuff knowing these people are just mean. Do you like the abuse? And for what? Are you nuts??? LOL! I guess for some of us we know these people a very long time and have come to understand them. There’s like an unwritten understanding not to take them on or take it to heart because we know they are our peepsour famz. However, if this person is to turn around and talk about you then you need to let loose the goose! If this person can be 24hrs/7 days a week miserable city well then you need to cut your losses my friend!
Don’t waste time on people who are not going to lift you up. I don’t know about you but I aint trying to live the lifestyle of “crabs in a bucket” – always trying to tear other people down because you can’t get up or out of your own dark BS. What for? What good is that to live and be a hater? Why are you sipping on that hat-er-ade homie???
Seriously people, why do you complain or vent about someone constantly when you know how they stay? If you know then why are you venting? Do something in the first place to change it or weed the douche-ness out of your life? You know wassup. So why keep on keeping on? Why continue a friendship with this person? TELL ME WHYYYYYYYY??? It’s just so errrrrrrrr!!!!! People are who they are. Either continue to deal with it or gwaning yuh way. Yuh nah hear? Yuh head hard or someting that yuh don’t like learn yuh lesson? Jezzz and Peas and Rice. I too need a slap in meh backside so don’t worry this blog is for me as well… TRUST!
So think before you decide to be a total douche bag to someone ……..
And for others………. think before you continue putting up with their douche-ness!
Good Day!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Stupid.Schupid.dumb..lack of better judgement..STUPID!!!!”

  1. I completely agree with you on pretty much everything that you have written. But then the douchness continues when you cut someone off cold turkey and you end up being the cold ice queen for doing it. For some people, it affects them and they let the duchbags back into their lives because they don’t wana be the bad guy, hence the never ending cycle. Not me though, I’ve learned to not care what others think of me due to having too many bad experiences with ex-friends LOL but yes, everyone has their weak days…even this cold ice queen LOL
    But I also think people sometimes put up with all this douchness, drama, bitchiness, self-centred people because they are all they’ve got…And sometimes, that’s even hard to let go. So they overlook the bad stuff and just think it’s okay. I could go on forever about backstabbing friends and whatnot but I think this is enough LOL Good stuff Hot Mess!!! Loving what you’re writing 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you. I know I’m guilty of venting about people but then I never learn, I’m always nice to them and get the same treatment. Sometimes I wonder how people can actually be so mean; is it part of their genetic make up? I get experiences mould you into who you are today, but does that justify being a bitch to someone? Why generalize people because of past experiences?
    Maybe people cover up their real issues with anger and rudeness to make themselves feel better by putting others down or judging them. Those are the people to stay away from.

    I definitely have no patience with these people anymore. I can feel the bitch inside me wanting to come out and before I stoop to their level, I need to distant myself from them OR Kill them with my Kindness.

    “You have to know the dragon you are dealing with”.

    Thanks lady for the read. Look forward to the next one 🙂

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