Welcome Back to MCNadzzz.com

Hi Hi Hello!!

Welcome back to MCNadzzz.com 

I know, I know…it’s been a minute. What can I say, I’ve been working on revamping the website and now that I have… I feel good about it. It took some time, but hey….nothing ever comes easy, right?

I thank you for visiting and supporting the #MCNadzzz movement as always. It can be difficult putting yourself out here for the ‘world’ to see, judge and criticize. I’ve realized that you just have to let people be. I gotta do me, and you gotta do you. It’s the way the world operates.

So…if you haven’t explored my website yet, why don’t we do it together?

1. Home Page: I think this is self-explanatory. Take a scroll through and check out my new media kit. Scroll down, and you can listen to my audio work via SoundCloud directly on my website. Want to follow me on social media? You can do that too with one click of a button!

2. About: Yup…I know…it’s long. There’s a reason for this – trust me. But… if there’s anything you ever wanted to know about my start in radio…well….here’s where you’ll find it.

3. Gallery: I connected my gallery to Flickr because it’s just easier for me to add and store all the pictures and video I “attempt” to take while working. I’m a photo-taker-outter when ready. Eventually, I’ll organize my hard drive and get everything uploaded to the site. All you gotta do is click on gallery, you’ll be redirected to my Flickr profile, then click on my profile and voila – pictures galoreeee!

4. Testimonials: Yuppers these are REAL words from REAL people I have worked for or with. I’ll eventually get their pictures uploaded in place of the wine glasses so stayed tuned. If you’ve worked with me and haven’t left a review, send me an email at mcnadzzztoronto@gmail.com now!!! Thank you come again.

5. Blog: Looks a little more uniform and even right? No worries, my previous blog posts since 2010 are still available for you to stroll down memory lane into my crazy PAST life….boy oh boy what a transformation it has been!!!

6. Contact:
I think you get the jist!!! Holla!!

Again thank you to everyone for the feedback since the re-launch. I’m working out the small kinks, but more to come of course. If you’re looking for advertising opportunities on my website and/or social media let’s chat.